Comprehensive Care at Primary Focus Eye Center, Yakima, Washington

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Primary Focus Eye Center in Yakima, Washington offers end-to-end services for advanced eye care and treatment. The latest technological equipment and a panel of experienced medical experts work on all aspects of eye care and deliver top quality treatments or remedial measures to help you see the world better. They also suggest some easy to follow self-care measures which can help you maintain your eyesight better. Since eye-related issues can vary from person to person, it is important to properly diagnose the same and take corrective measures. Following this, advanced medical assistance like comprehensive eye exams, Optomap retinal scanning, glaucoma, and cataract testing, emergency eye care, eye-surgery co-management pre and post, latest in eyeglass technology, contact lenses, and frame repairs and adjustments by opticians licensed from the state-licensed opticians, in-store lab, are available for visitors.

State Of The Art Products And Services

The range of state-of-the-art products and services available at Primary Focus Eye Center help in promoting better eye health. Eyecare is a vast field that involves lots of services and treatments as per the patient’s need. Standing out from other market players, Primary Focus Eye Center helps in promoting authentic and medically sound eye care which goes beyond the initial diagnosis. Even with our post-operative care, focused services help the patient recover faster without any hassle.

Expert Medical Care By Experienced Professionals


A team of highly qualified, experienced and professionally sound Optometrists along with well-trained opticians ensure you receive unparalleled medical care. When you go to Primary Focus Eye Center, you will find a range of advanced services all under one roof to help you walk out with a better vision and confidence to see the world.

State-Of-The-Art Eyecare


Our professionally trained team ensures you receive the best eye care and get a better vision of the world.